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Golf Performance: Redefined

Golf Fitness Plus is the most advanced golf instruction and training company in northeast Ohio. We specialize in golf specific drills and exercises to keep you fit for the game you love. By using K-Vest technology, 3 wireless sensors provide realtime feedback on the movement of the hips, shoulders, and hands. Combined, these lightweight sensors accurately and precisely measure the golf swing in 3 dimensions. This critical information allows us to design a specific training program to develop an efficient, balanced, and powerful golf swing. Regardless of age or skill level, all players have the ability to increase their golf performance through a variety of golf specific drills and exercises. After a thorough golf physical screening, medical history review, and swing evaluation, an exercise prescription is designed to eliminate any concerns with flexibility, balance, and strength that may be limiting a player’s swing.

20130914-000920.jpgGolf Fitness Plus performance training helps develop the correct golf movement patterns with realtime results. Visual and auditory feedback from K-Vest wireless detection doubles the sensory stimulation that creates muscle memory. This key component allows every player the experience of correct golf mechanics in half the time of a conventional golf lesson!

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