Efficient Performance

The essence of every great golf swing lies in its efficiency. The question for every golf is this: Are the proper motions happening correctly and in the right sequence to generate the most power? In order to evaluate this, the following two step process is used:

1.) Assess, evaluate, and determine limitations each person’s efficiency patterns.

2.) Correct them through exercise prescription.

Every golfer, in general, make the same functional movements during the golf swing. The arms take the club back as the body rotates. The arms and body then rotate down through the golf ball and finish with the arms past the body. The pattern may be the same, however the system that each golfer engages varies. Bone structure, muscle composition, and motor patterns are just a few anatomical characteristics that make everyone different. There is more to golf than just swinging the arms.

Golf Fitness Plus recognizes that power in the golf swing is a distinct patterns of energy transfer that initiates from the ground,travels through the lower body, passes through the torso, and ends with the “whip-like” action of the club through impact. The following are just a few variables that can affect energy transfer anywhere in the swing:

  • Hip immobility, lack of pelvic rotation
  • Improper knee bend
  • Pronation of the feet
  • Shoulder immobility
  • Inefficient set-up, pelvic tilt
  • Spinal stenosis, poor lumbar posture
  • Imbalance due to weak proprioception

If there is breakdown in function and any given segment it will effect multiple outcomes including, ball-striking, distance control, and trajectory. Our training sessions focus on training players to feel the correct movements that will make their swing more efficient, thus providing better ball control. Simple, effective drills are prescribed to engage the correct muscles at the correct time during the golf swing. As the player focuses on the specific exercises, swing mechanics evolve into repeatable motions.

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