Golf fitness training goes beyond the normal scope of exercise. A golfer’s ability to swing a golf club with power, consistently and efficiently, will make them better. In order to do that we need to evaluate players using a medical ideology: Assess, Test, Evaluate Results, and Treatment.


All Golf Fitness Plus clients receive a thorough assessment of their current health and physical history. Many players have pre-existing conditions, medications, post-surgical ailments, disabilities, etc. that need to be understood before training can begin. This can help us understand any limitations a player may potentially have, or what physical awareness he/she may have while playing golf.


Next, every player receives a complete physical assessment. Clients are asked to perform a series of basic movements through the shoulders, torso, hips, and ankles while the trainer measures the functionality within the given segments. This is done to test what, if any, limitations the golfer has through areas of the body that are critical for efficient power during the swing. Also, we want assess these movements to see the effect on balance, posture, and flexibility. Also, every player receives a 3D analysis with swing summary using K-Vest along with 2D video. Kinematic sequences, swing evaluations, and physical assessments are now ready to be evaluated.


Once all the necessary data is collected, we thoroughly analyze and study it. We are looking for correlations in what the physical assessment tells us in relation to what we see in the 3D and 2D studies. Is the physical defect causing swing faults? If so, how much or how little? Then, we can formulate a plan to correct/train the player to better results.


Not every player requires the same training. Some need to spend more time on flexibility. Others need to focus more on mechanics and timing in the downswing. Whatever the deficiency, we can now comprise detailed exercises, stretches, etc. that will ensure new motor patterns that ultimately make the player’s swing more powerful and efficient.

We feel that there is no other way to thoroughly and accurately assist a player. Success is being prepared and this protocol for training is the only way to achieve the necessary results.

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