Golf Fitness Plus is pleased to offer its clients the latest in golf teaching technology — the K-Vest. With three wireless sensors that strap to the student’s back, waist and wrist, K-Vest uses motion software to capture all elements of the golf swing from set-up, impact and follow through. Detailed information is then communicated to the instructor’s laptop for analysis.

K-Vest allows us to study the dynamics of a player’s swing through real-time feedback.  Movements are displayed directly onto the laptop screen as soon as movement is detected.  Since the golf swing takes place in less than 2 seconds, it is impossible for the human eye to accurately assess inefficient motor patterns. Video analysis improves our assessment by increasing the frames per second during movement, however we cannot fully measure the major three degrees of freedom that help us understand efficiency patterns.

K-Vest studies six elements of the swing, and measures them in 3 degrees of freedom: rotation, forward bend, and side bend:

• Alignment at Address

• Posture at Address

• Pelvic and Shoulder Turn at Top

• Torso Position at Top

• Shoulder and Pelvic Position at Impact

• Spine Movement during Swing

Once the software has captured the quantitative results from the swing, a detailed swing summary compares your swing to an ideal range. Personal results that lie within the ideal range are highlighted in green; those that lie outside the range and need improvement are show in red.

Auditory tones are also signal to the player when they are within the correct range.

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