The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in conjunction with K-Motion Interactive have created the most advanced golf biomechanics software to date.  This specific program allows us to create an extensive file or “locker” of every training session for every player.  Each locker contains specific graphs, swing summaries, and video for review and comparison.  No other program in the market today offers amateur players the exact same benefits that PGA, LPGA, and Senior PGA professionals use as well. Here are a few sample screenshots available during training sessions.

From these above images, TPI 3D software allows us to look at a player’s backswing to determine if they are making the necessary rotations properly.  Red indicated that the player is out of an efficient range for the given movement. In real-time, player’s can then self correct until the image turns green.

Again, we can see that the player has a poor set-up posture and the 3D image indicates that in red. After a small adjustment in pelvic and upper body posture, the image has now turned green.

By utilizing TPI 3D software we can now train players to not only feel, but also visualize the necessary corrections in a matter of seconds.  The benefits are unlimited to achieve success for every golfer.

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