Kinematic Sequence 101

The kinematic sequence is the latest development in golf biomechanics.  Through 3D training we can now measure the efficiency of the motor patterns during the swing.  The kinematic sequence is a line graph that shows acceleration and timing of the movement of the torso (hips), thorax (upper body), and hand (extension of the club). Each line represents the respective body components and how they accelerate, decelerate, and move in relation to each other.This helps us visualize a player’s ability to generate power starting from the torso, transferring into the upper body rotation, and peaking with the hands at impact.

Simply put, this is the golf swing EKG. We are able to measure a player’s rate, rhythm, effectiveness, balance, and deficiency in a matter of seconds. From this, we can determine what motor patterns are correct in generating power and what areas we need to train to increase efficiency.

Are movements in the lower body causing a loss of power in the upper body? If the motions are correct, then is there a lack speed? Are the hands moving before the upper body has transferred energy?  These are just a few of the answers we receive from the kinematic sequence.

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